New 国产富二代 is glad to welcome the community to share in the use our facilitates throughout the school year. We have a wide range of spaces that are available to host your one-time event, weekly meetings or short-term productions, including classrooms, libraries, multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums and our brand new theatre (not available for rent yet, but coming soon), arts and dance spaces at New Westminster Secondary School.

Spaces used by our students, staff and school community are generally available between 5 and 10pm on weekdays, or all day on weekends 鈥 though some exceptions may apply. Our multipurpose rooms are generally available throughout the day, in the evenings and on weekends.

Our calendars for each site and school will show when time is likely available, with a confirmation process upon submitting your request.

Please take some time to read through this section of our website to explore what options might be a good fit for your group’s needs!

Can’t find the info you’re looking for? Contact our Facility Rental team here: facilityrentals@sd40.bc.ca