Enhancing Learner Success in New 国产富二代

Our Story

We are excited to share our story of continuous improvement in our schools!

聽provides information about who our students are, how they are doing, and how student survey and student achievement data are used.

This data provides valuable information that contributes to our school and district planning processes, and represents information pulled from student engagement, community statistics, and a wide range of other assessment and measurement tools that help us continually refine and improve learning in New Westminster.

The goal of this report is to look at how our strategic priorities, our commitments to barrier-free education and how the Ministry of Education’s Framework for Enhanced Student Learning (FESL) all contribute to student success, as measured by:

  • Intellectual Development
  • Human & Social Development
  • Career Development

To see how this work builds on and is connected to our local strategic and operational plans, you can find our Our Learning Journey: Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 and the related departmental goals here: /about-us/strategic-planning/

School Learning Plans

Each of our schools and programs has developed a school learning plan identifying key areas for improvement鈥攁long with specific goals and strategies that will enhance student success.

Schools are identifying the springboards they need to support student achievement in ways that are “authentic, dynamic and driven by the community rather than by a template,鈥 says Superintendent Karim Hachlaf. For each school, the journey is different 鈥 depending on its unique strengths, and its answer to the question: what kind of school do we hope to be?

“What impresses me is the range, flexibility and customization I am seeing in each school community,” Hachlaf notes. “It鈥檚 different for each, it鈥檚 innovative, and it’s a culture shift from the traditional way of doing things.”

You can find your school’s learning plan under “国产富二代 – Learner Success” on your school’s website, also accessible below.

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High School