• Facility rentals are based on an hourly fee schedule. Discounts are available for non-profits that can provide a registered or charitable number. Film and other larger commercial rates are listed separately below.
  • All rates are subject to GST (an additional 5 per cent), and will be reviewed annually.
  • A $500 damage deposit is required to rent space within schools, which will be fully refunded as long as there is no damage above and beyond normal wear and tear.

Please remember bookings must include any and all time you may require for initial access and set-up, clean up, and a full exit of the space.

The below rates apply to the 2024-25 school year and will come into effect July 1, 2024. For current rates, contact the facilities rental team.


Elementary and Middle School Facility Rentals

Community Use Rates Non-Profit Rate
Elementary school gyms $63 / hour $32 / hour
Middle school gyms $78 / hour $40 / hour
Kitchen add-on to gym rentals
(available at limited schools)
$11 / hour $11 / hour
Library/Multi-purpose rooms 聽$42 / hour 聽$23 / hour

*Please be aware that school and educational use of a space will take priority. We advise those interested in recurring weekday rentals of gym spaces, that if a conflict arises, we may need to cancel the conflicting booking(s).聽

NWSS Facility Rentals

Community Use Rates Non-Profit聽 Rate
Gym (3 full sized gyms) $208 / hour $104 / hour
Classrooms $32 / hour $21 / hour
Learning Commons (library) $47 / hour $23 / hour
Grand Commons (no kitchen access) $125 / hour $63 / hour
Dance Studio $42 / hour $32 / hour
Drama Room (Black box) $42 / hour $32 / hour
Band/Choir Room $52 / hour $37 / hour
Theatre (4 hour min)* $260 / hour $130 / hour

*Additional requirements are in place for rental of the theatre space, find that here:聽


Equipment rentals

Quantities of equipment vary at each school, contact our Facilities Office for more.

Chairs $0.50 per chair
Chairs including set-up $1.50 per chair
Tables $5 per table
Tables including set-up $7 per table
Volleyball, badminton nets $5 net

*Rental of equipment does NOT include set up or tear down unless that is requested at the time of booking, for an additional fee. All equipment rented must be re-stacked or returned to the same carts and places they were found upon entry.


Custodial charges

Weekdays Included (except for film or theatre rentals)
Weekends or breaks (spring, summer, winter breaks) $34.50 per hour (min 4 hours)
Stat holiday $69 per hour (min 4 hours)


Film rates (or comparable use of multiple spaces)

Interior – Shoot day(s) $2,600 / day
Interior – Prep or wrap day(s) $1,404 / day (includes up to 4 hours)
Exterior Shoot $1,144 / day
Parking $16 / vehicle, per day

Caretaker/custodian charge applies for the full day, even on weekdays. Flat rates for parking may be available for larger productions, please enquire with the Facility Rentals office for more.